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About the Farm and the Family

Havendale Herd sign at Old House Farm

Old House Farm is an Upland Dairy Farm of 98 hectares all grassland fields with traditional limestone dry stone walls peculiar to this area.  The farm is on a limestone plateau so the land is relatively level with only a few areas of rocky outcrop

The Flower family has been farming here since 1916, we have established our pedigree Holstein Friesian herd and produce quality milk which is sold to a local family business known as Jackson’s Dairies who heat treat the milk and bottle it for door step deliveries and corner shops.


We manage the land in a sustainable way to encourage wildlife so this beautiful landscape will be around for future generatons to enjoy.


Our Son Ed, manages the dairy herd with assistance from general farm workers and relief milkers.  We milk half the cows twice a day with approx 12 hours between morning and evening milking and the other half three times a day with approx 8 hours between milkings.  Cows go out in the fields for about 5 month late spring through summer but as the autumn weather changes we house them in the evenings but let them graze in the day for about a month when we house them both day and night until spring.  The cows are housed in a large airy building with rubber mattresses to lie on and plenty of fresh food and water at all times, with plenty of space to stroll around as they wish and an area where they can stroll outside.

We welcome you to take an interest in the farm and if you have any questions please ask.  Tom and Sue look after all the new born calves which they nurture until they are about 2 years old and ready to have their first calf and enter the milking herd, the male calves are sold to other farms.

Tom is on the committee for the Derbyshire Holstein Club.


Sue (Tom’s wife) helps with the baby calves, runs the two holiday cottages and lives on site should she be needed.  She also helps with the administration of the farm office .


Bakewell Livestock Market is held every Monday along with a good stall market, Bakewell is well worthy of a visit.

Our son Ed, is married to Kerri, who helps out on the farm when she can as well as looking after our little granddaughter, Elizabeth. Kerri loves playing netball and Ed is a member of the Holstein Young Breeders Club


Our daughter Laura doesn’t work on the farm, she is an Environmental Scientist with a Masters Degree in Water Management, working for a water authority, when she comes home she helps out.


Some members of our holstein herd. Best friends Members of our Holstein herd Piggery Place Roses at Old House Farm